HEMINGWAY chamber opera - kamariooppera (sung in Spanish)
Libretto: Maritza Núñez | Music: Timo-Juhani Kyllönen

An astonishing new chamber opera about Ernest Hemingway. Waiting for its World Premiere... !

The action takes place in the clinic in which Hemingway undergoes electric shock treatment. The writer takes a trip within himself in a dreamlike state, in which his true self become exposed as an artist and human being. Through convoluted relations and situations the author lives his last days. Hemingway reflects on the memory as an essential element to identity.

The main themes of the opera are the duality of the creative energy and the destructive energy which coexist in the nature of human being, the war, power, sexuality, madness, paternity...

You can acquaint yourself with the opera by downloading promotional materials below: